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I really capture the character of the horse. That's what makes it so special and unique.

Patience is a virtue and the same goes for equine fine art studio photography. Your horse comes first at all times, his/her peace of mind determines how far we can go. I therefore take the time to put the horse at ease and make sure he/she can relax in the studio. This is what makes my work so special: to see a horse grow from tense to relaxed and even proud. And exactly that proud and relaxed state of being turns a portrait into a work of art.

Renate Vos Fotografie_886A9769(2).jpg
Renate Vos Fotografie_886A9572(2).jpg

A work of art of your own horse

Renate Vos Fotografie_886A9588_edited.jpg

A special and unique portrait of your horse

Pure, refined, artistic. Equine fine art is a specific form of equine photography, performed at your horse's stable. With my mobile studio I am able to photograph horses in their own familiar environment. The result: a special and unique portrait that shows your horse in all its unique facets.


A photo shoot in a mobile photo studio. I set this up at your barn. This way the horse is in its own familiar environment.

Years of experience in handling horses. Because of this, I am able to reassure and safely introduce them to the photo studio

Professional equipment of the highest quality combined with my knowledge and experience as a photographer ensures exclusive results in the highest quality.

How a photo shoot works

01   Before the photo shoot

Are you interested in an Equine Fine Art photo shoot? If so, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and together we'll see which date and time is most convenient. We will also discuss the location and the course of the shoot. In order to create the perfect photos in the (mobile) studio, there are some requirements:

- The shoot takes place in an indoor location, such as

  An indoor arena, barn or stable corridor;

- The spacious area must be at least 3 x 7m;

- There is at least one power point available;

- Arrange for a helping hand during the shoot.

(Should these points not be possible, it is probably still possible. Just send me an email with what options you do have, and I will think with you). 


We will discuss your wishes and what is needed to make the shoot a success. Think of harness choice (with or without bridle, braided or natural), grooming, external help during the shoot etc. With of course always an eye and ear for the horse.

Renate Vos Fotografie_886A4917.jpg
Renate Vos Fotografie_886A2870.jpg

02   During the photo shoot

The day itself is often an exciting day for both you and your horse. Therefore, we start very quietly. After setting up my studio, I take the horse from you and slowly get him used to it. To the studio, but also to me. Because that trust also has to grow. With a lot of patience, rewards and clarity to the horse, we create a nice and especially safe environment, where your horse feels completely at ease.


We start by taking some simple pictures to get your horse familiar with the studio and the flash. From there, we continue. As I play with natural and artificial light, we have your horse move into the desired poses. This creates a unique contrast between shapes and light, with your horse as the shining centerpiece.

03   After the photo shoot

After the equine fine art photo shoot, I get to work picking and editing the photos. Selectively and carefully, because only the best is good enough. You will receive a personal page from me with a selection of the most beautiful photos - unedited - so you can make your choice at your leisure. In addition, you will receive two edited photos selected by me. You choose the rest of the photos within the package.

All chosen photos will be sent to you digitally in high resolution with and without a small logo. Want more photos? Additional ordering is no problem. You can also have your photos printed through me. With my knowledge and experience I know exactly what the right materials are for the highest possible quality. Of course your order will be delivered to your home as a nice package.

Renate Vos Fotografie_886A4223(2).png




The private shoot is all about paying attention to your horse. We take the time to get him/her used to the studio before we get started. We make the studio as nice a place as possible for your horse to relax.

After taking the pictures, I will start working for you. I will make a selection of the best photos. You will receive these via a personal page. From there we, or you yourself, can choose the 8 best photos. I will then carefully edit these for you so that you receive these photos in the best quality.

These 8 photos will also be printed. 3 photos printed on 20cm x 30cm and 4 photos printed on 13cm x 18cm. If you have seen more beautiful photos in the selection and would like to have them edited? Then you always have the possibility to order additional photos. You can also order extra enlargements or prints which you will receive on high quality material.

The photo shoot is based on 1 horse.

There is an additional charge of €45 per additional horse.

The number of photos delivered remains the same.



With the gold package you really go for a work of art on the wall. The basis is the same as the silver package, but here you receive 1 photo on a high quality aluminum of 100cm x 150cm! In consultation, the size can be adjusted.


The photo shoot is based on 1 horse.

There is an additional charge of €45 per additional horse.

The number of photos delivered remains the same.

Rates are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of travel expenses. Travel expenses are 0.35 cents per kilometer driven plus €25 per hour driven.

Weekend appointments are subject to a €75 weekend surcharge. Ordering an additional photo costs €39,-.

Prices apply only within the Netherlands. For other countries ask for the possibilities.

A photo shoot with your stable friends?

During a stable shoot you can combine a Fine Art Shoot with stablemates! If you participate with a minimum of 4 participants you have a reduced number of photos and price of €275,-. This way it is more accessible to plan a shoot and it is also a super fun day with your stable friends! 


After taking the photos, I will start working for you. I will make a selection of the best photos. You will receive these via a personal page. From there we can choose the 3 best photos together, or you yourself. I will then carefully edit these for you so that you receive these photos in the best quality.


Have you seen more beautiful photos in the selection and would you like to have them edited as well? Then you always have the option to order additional photos. You can also order extra enlargements or prints which you will receive in high quality material.

The stable shoot is based on 1 horse per participant.

Per additional horse of the same owner there is a surcharge of €45,-. The number of photos delivered remains the same.

Book your Equine Fine Art Photo Shoot Now

How nice that you are interested in a fine art photo shoot of your horse!

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your booking!

  • What kind of harness is best to use?
    You get to choose. Do you want your horse braided with a bridle or do you want pure nature? I always carry a photo halter anyway. This is an extra thin (but sturdy) halter that can be removed afterwards in Photoshop. It can be used for both still and action photos. This way you can hold your horse during the photo shoot, but in the final photo it looks like he was standing loose with you.
  • My horse cannot get on the trailer can I have pictures taken?
    Yes, you can also have photos taken of your horse in your neighborhood, so that we can walk there. We will discuss the possibilities of the location. Sending a movie or pictures is always nice too.
  • My horse cannot get off the terrain, is this a problem?
    Certainly not, we can also just take pictures in the yard. We will discuss the possibilities of the location. Sending a video or photos is always very nice too.
  • Next to stable is a natural area, is this suitable for the photo shoot?
    We can determine this together by mutual agreement. It is always a possibility, I will discuss the pros and cons of the location with you.
  • My horse never stands still, is this a problem?
    No, this is not a problem. Few horses are good at standing still. Fortunately, I have a fast camera and only need a brief moment each time. Furthermore, he can keep walking circles around you and we can stop him every time in between.
  • What kind of clothes should I wear?
    Mainly put on what you feel good in. I do think the color is very important. This depends on the location and setting, so we discuss in advance if what fits well and what does not.
  • Can I bring someone with me during the shoot?
    Gladly, extra help is always welcome, as long as it doesn't get too busy for yourself and the horse.
  • Should I bring fly spray during the shoot?
    In summer, it is recommended. Make sure it is a spray that does not stain.
  • My horse cannot be loose, can I take pictures without a harness?
    No problem, I always have a photo halter with me. I work these away afterwards so your horse appears to be completely free.
  • Can I also have action photos taken of my horse?
    Yes indeed, we can also take action photos on the lunge line or under the saddle
  • I want to give a shoot as a gift, do you have gift certificates?
    Yes, you can indicate this when booking in the comments form. Then we will discuss the possibilities together and I will send you a gift certificate digitally or by mail.
  • How far in advance is it best to book?
    This is a little different every season. It is best to send me a message with your wishes and I will check when it is possible. The guideline for winter is about 2 to 3 weeks. In summer it is between 3 and 8 weeks.
  • My horse is still in his winter coat, does this matter?
    No, this is not a problem. It does give a different end result than the summer coat, so keep that in mind. You can choose a summer coat, winter coat or shaved coat.
  • I have several horses, can they be photographed separately or together?
    Yes. Several horses can come along to the shoot. They can be photographed together or separately. Note: there is an additional charge per extra horse.
  • How long does a photo shoot take?
    This varies. The shoot itself often takes about 1.5 hours. However, this is an indication and can vary from horse to horse. Some horses need longer to get into it and others finish it very quickly. I adapt to the horse and do not continue longer than necessary and/or possible.
  • At what location will the photo shoot take place?
    This is in consultation. I know many beautiful places in the area Tilburg, Loon op zand. But if you prefer that I come your way, no problem. Please note that travel expenses are added.
  • Will the photo shoot take place in bad weather?
    If the weather is really bad, we will reschedule the shoot to another day by mutual agreement.
  • Are the photos copyrighted?
    The photos taken are subject to copyright. You will receive the photos with or without a logo (depending on the package). The photos may only be shown publicly (on the Internet) with the visible logo and name. Furthermore, the photos may not be edited or cropped by your own hand. Should you like to see something changed, please put this question via email. More information about the rights of the photos made by me can be found in the general conditions.
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Thank you for your question!

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