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Photo shoot of your horse

Your own horse as a work of art on the wall
Pure, refined, artistic. Equine fine art is a specific form of horse photography, performed at your horse's stable. With my mobile studio I am able to photograph horses in their own familiar environment. The result: a special and unique portrait that shows your horse in all its unique facets.

Renate Vos Renate_886A9124(2).jpg

Photo shoot with your horse

The story of you and your horse, reflected in the lens of the camera. On a location of your choice - on/around the stable or in beautiful nature - I capture the character of your horse on film. Powerful and proud or subdued and controlled, but always pure, the way he is. By capturing the sweet and warm moments between you and your horse, the unique bond between you becomes even more visible. During a horse photo shoot we make memories together for life.

Photoshoot with/of your dog

The bond between a dog and its owner is often unique. Pure and close, based on mutual trust and respect. During a photo shoot of and/or with your dog, I capture this special relationship on film. An experience never to forget, reflected in a beautiful portrait.

Renate Vos Fotografie_886A9324-klein.jpg
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