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About Renate Vos

The bond between horse and owner is often ironclad. Each different, yet one story. A reflection of mutual respect and admiration that asks to be captured. To me, being allowed to tell that story is the most beautiful thing about horse photography.
Horses communicate differently than people. Through endless observation, I have learned to listen to them. Learning to see and feel who they are. Photography gives me the opportunity to capture their character and show it in all its facets. It allows me to transfer emotions to images and hold on to that feeling. And thus immortalize special moments as a lasting memory.

Capture the moment

A good photograph is much more than just a pretty picture. It is a representation of feeling, emotion, atmosphere. The perfect photo therefore requires patience. Waiting for the moment that a horse experiences rest. What then follows is a special interplay between me and the horse in front of me. There is interaction, sometimes too small for anyone else's eye, but big enough for me to capture that moment. 


My photos tell a story that can be told endlessly. A visual novel in which passion, strength and character play the leading roles, skillfully captured on camera. Painting with natural and artificial light creates a pallet of shapes and contrasts, with details that may be seen. That draw your attention. And hold it.

foto3 site verhouding.jpg
foto4 site verhouding.jpg

Art in the eye of the beholder

Equine Fine Art is a deepening of my photography style. It is a form of art that allows my creativity to flow even more. With no rules for the end result, it is allowed to be out of the box, different than usual. The game with lighting flourishes here and results in a unique work of art that you want to look at again and again.


Interested in my photography?

Are you interested in one of my photo shoots or workshops? 
If so, please contact me. I would love to tell you more!

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