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1 on 1 workshop - horses in the studio

As a photographer, I think it is important to always continue to develop yourself, whether starting or advanced. With the private workshop, attention is 100% focused on your personal learning goals. 


In this workshop you will learn how to photograph horses in the studio. We will look at what equipment you need to purchase, how to set up the studio, and your camera settings. Experience handling the horse for yourself in a studio. I'm going to inspire you with different horse poses and the different light setups you can use. So do you want an inspiring day full of discoveries and growth in horse photography? 


Learn how to grow your photography into true art

Get started right away in your own mobile studio

Space for all your questions

Learn to photograph like a true professional!

Renate Vos Fotografie_886A4246(2).png

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Buy your own studio 

  • Building a photo studio on location 

  • Take razor-sharp photos 

  • Letting a horse slowly get used to the studio 

  • Get creative with different light setups

  • Take black photos of the highest quality

  • Give your customer the right instructions

  • Creating real works of art 

What will the day look like?

The day starts at 10 am on location. This location is in a stable near the models that have been specifically selected for you. This can be done in an environment of your choice. The workshop consists of 2 parts. Practice and post-processing. Both take place at 1 location.


We start building the studio together. I explain which material I use, why I use it, how I build it and the technical theory behind it. Of course there is always room for questions. Then we start working with the models. We let the horse get used to the studio and the flashes. When this is successful, I start taking photographs and explain what I am doing and what I am paying attention to. In the meantime, you are in the studio with the horse to guide it. This way you can really put yourself in the shoes of your future customer and experience what it is like to stand there and be managed.


Then you can get started with your own camera. It is connected to my flashes. I will continuously guide you in this. This also applies to the second model. Then we grab the laptop and immediately start editing a photo taken during the workshop. Here we go through my entire workflow.


The workshop lasts from 10 am to 3 pm. Other times are also possible in consultation.  



Who is the workshop for?

What do you need.

Duration and cost

You have already (somewhat) mastered the camera settings.

It is not necessary to have experience with a photo studio. 

Camera + lens + battery 
Laptop with adobe photoshop and charger
Memory card
Notepad and pen

Duration: from 10 am to 3 pm

Location: In consultation. Travel costs are free for the Dongen area.  

Costs: €675 excl. VAT 

Book your Equine Fine Art workshop now

How nice that you are interested in an equine fine art workshop!

Complete the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your booking!

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