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When photographing horses, a photo halter is indispensable in your camera bag. I use my handmade photo halters as standard for every shoot. Because they are narrower than a normal halter, they are easy to conceal in Photoshop. This makes it appear as if the horse is standing loose.


From my own experience I have designed a photo halter with a nice length, a divided ring and a small stop. This is easy to remove and ensures that the halter stays in place on the horse. The halter is one size and fits both Shetlanders and large horses. 


The photo halter is 4 meters long (incl. halter) and 6mm thick. The halters are extremely strong and will not break under the force of a human. Any horse that can be guided with a normal halter and rope can also do so with this photo halter. They can also be used to lunge for action shots. There is a loop at the end to which you can attach a lead rope or lunge line.

Please note: Because the halters are relatively thin, they are sharper for the horses than they are used to. Some horses respond better to this, but some horses take some time to get used to it.

The halters are available in black and light brown. Pay particular attention to the color of the horse's mane.


Sales Tax Included
  • The halters are available in black and light brown. 

  • Delivery time for the Netherlands: 3 to 5 working days

    Shipping costs for the Netherlands: €4.60

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