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We now know it, the photo halter. An ideal halter to use during a photo shoot that is easy to conceal afterwards. 

But... Completely new on the market, developed and designed by myself, there is the studio halter!! Nowadays, horses are also increasingly placed in the studio. These photos generally have more detail and sharpness, every hair is visible. It is therefore more difficult to remove a halter in Photoshop than with any other type of shoot. Since the horse is often in a stable or indoor arena and in principle cannot leave the yard, I designed the studio halter. This is only around the horse's neck and saves a lot of time in getting rid of it. The halter has a double stop so that the rope cannot be pulled tight around the horse's neck. If the horse does start walking and you need to get it back into place, you can easily put it around the nose and pull it from the back, turning it into a photo halter again. Keep an eye on! Only use this halter for horses that stand still and cannot leave the yard. Don't take any risks here. 


SKU: 364115376135191
Sales Tax Included
  • The halters are available in black and light brown.

  • Delivery time for the Netherlands: 3 to 5 working days

    Shipping costs for the Netherlands: €4.60

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